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Black Silk Stockings

Black Silk Stockings

Pair of fine black silk; thicker white silk; machine-knitted.

Fully fashioned; deep top in white with 2.8cm deep welt; leg and top of foot in black; heel, sole and toe in white; back seam; 'English' foot; across toe seam stitched in white, side seams stitched in black; clocks embroidered in black silk, horizontal above sole seam, vertical at heel seam, joining to go up ankle, ending in kite shape of squares and rectangles of stitches under chevron of 2 rows of stitches, spot at point, 2 blocks at ends; crown above "V R" knitted in holes below welt mark: knitted in, "5" below one welt, "S" on welt, "W" inside welt ("S W" for Swears and Wells)

Association: I. and R. Morley, Nottingham, 1850; retailer Swears and Wells,

Regent St, London W

Dim. l. 66cm, silk

Artefact number

Reproduced with kind permission of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

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