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Mens' Underwear Vest

Mens' Underwear Vest

Mens' Underwear Ves. tpeach cotton/white rayon stockinet; maker's label/price ticket one main piece, no shoulders seams; curve cut for neck and falp sewn down to make back neck facing; short centre front placket; overlocked side seams; spliced hem open for part way up sides sleeves: short, one piece, sloped from deep armhole to ribbed cuff lining: peach cotton sateen in placket fastening: 3 mother-of-pearl buttons, buttonholes in placket marks: "M" knitted in above right front hem, 5 holes in hem labels: 1: white card, printed in black, "N Dept. I & R Morley, Manufacturers, London, Nottingham, Heanor, Leicester", Flying Wheel trade mark; "Pronce celfect Underwear, Cream, Sky and Deep Novi, Shirts 1/2S, Trousers, Knker Drws" with sizes and prices; 2: adhesive paper label at back, "Prince" in ink; 3: tag with red "38".

Artefact number
NCM 1994-784

Reproduced with kind permission of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

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